How To Choose the best SMPS For Your PC

Picking up a system starts with picking up a motherboard and processor and as we keep on adding the peripherals the power requirements of the PC keep increases with it. So, there is no perfect one size fits all kind of SMPS or PC Power Supply Unit, however there is a very clear methodology to choose a power supply that suits your system.

While most users pay much heed to the components like graphics card, RAM or any other component, there are very few who understand the importance of a great power supply.

So, for those of you who really understand the importance of the power supply. Here is a step by step guide on how to choose the best SMPS unit for your PC.


First of all, lets be very clear about the brand value of the SMPS units. As, most people prefer RAM’s coming from Simmtronics or Corsair for their durability and reliability, there are SMPS brands which not only ensure their own durability but they protect every single peripheral attached to them. The top brands in SMPS units are Seasonic, Antec, Corsair and Coolermaster. However, a simple PC will need only the basic model of SMPS units from these brands.


When selecting a SMPS, always ensure that it has the same family of connectors that your PC has. A mismatch will force you to buy another SMPS. Usually, the motherboard families supported by a SMPS are indicated on the box.

Right Output

There is a wide range of power out of the SMPS units, they come in all ratings from 200Watts to 1800 Watts. If you are building a simple PC, the best choice will be to buy a basic power unit. However, if you are buying a high end i5 or i7 PC, you should choose at least 600 Watts power supply. Extreme users like gamers should always buy a 1800watts power supply as their system keeps on upgrading from time to time.


Most SMPS units have their maximum efficiency when running with a load between 40 to 80 percent of their maximum load capacity. One should always ensure that the total load of the PC is in this range to ensure a high energy efficiency.


Always buy a SMPS with a rating that says 80 Plus. There are categories in the 80 Plus SMPS units, but most of them have almost equivalent energy efficiency.


There is one thing to be noted while choosing a SMPS unit. There are certain low cost manufacturers which make single rail power supply to a large number of peripherals. Although there is no major impact on the system performance, it is recommended to never purchase such a SMPS. The major drawback of these systems is that if that one port which relays power to a large set of peripherals fails, all the components attached to it will stop working.

We can summarize that when choosing a SMPS unit, look for a good manufacturer. Then select an energy efficient model with a power rating which is twice the power rating of your system to ensure maximum energy efficiency while keeping space for future upgrades.

It is best to purchase PC Power Supply Unit from a top brand to avoid performance issues and to protect your priceless components from the wrath of a power surge.


A Guide to Help the Gamers Out There Choose The Perfect Gaming Memory For Their PC

RAM is the primary memory of a computer, the size of which defines the performance inclusive of sorting data running programs and communicating through channels for exchanging information. The more the RAM your device has, the better the performance it will offer.

A gamer would always want to have ample amount of memory in his PC to ensure fluid transition and uninterrupted gaming. We have brought to the hardcore gamers and beginners as well, a guide to select an appropriate RAM for your PC.

RAM Size

Being the most important factor determining the choice of RAM, size is the element which should be considered before anything else. By adding RAM to your device you are boosting the performance and taking smoothness and speed of operations to a whole new level.

Most of the motherboards that PCs are installed with supports RAM till 16GB. However, it solely depends upon your requirements, the amount of RAM you would want to install in your PC.

This is fairly the minimum size of the RAM that one should have. Most of the latest and high-end games function adequately with a 4GB RAMs. For gamers not having a lose hand to expand, this RAM could easily fit in your budget.

Gamers having an average budget should buy 8GB RAM. More is always good. Just in case you want to play games like Assassins Creed Unity, you would need a RAM more than 4GB. An 8GB RAM will definitely enhance your gaming experience and your device will work with absolute smoothness.

• 12GB RAM
What could be better than having your PC installed with a 12GB RAM. Have the soothing experience of operating your computer and playing heavy games with no lags and interruptions. Though RAMs have now become cheap, but a 12GB RAM would require a lose budget.

• 16GB RAM
Load your computer with multiple high-end games; rest assured, 16GB RAM would handle the heavy duty gaming including 3D. Gamers having a big pocket to spend and those who are seeking for an unmatchable primary memory with no further need to upgrade should give 16GB RAM a shot.

Type and Speed of RAM

Memory is the very basic thing that is responsible for the efficient working of a computer. Though hard drive stores the games in your PC, but the functionality of your game lies with the size of the RAM and the speed with which it communicates to the CPU.
The different types of RAM currently available are – SDRAM, DDR2 and DDR3 (the latest of all) having varying speed such as 1333MHz to 1600MHz.


DDR3 allows the flow of 2 data items per cycles. It indicates the speed in which the data is communicated to the processor and how fast it is processed. DDR3 is the latest and currently the best RAM you can have.


Essentially, bigger and faster the gaming memory is better for gaming performance, because you’ll be able to hold more temporary information and the information can be read and written to it faster as well. Bigger size means that your computer can do more while it’s loading the game. Faster speeds mean that information is fed to the processor and graphics card faster. Their output is stored faster.

Hopefully with this in mind, you can pick out the right kind of RAM that is best for your gaming experience. Again, remember to check that type and speed of RAM you will going to buy is compatible with your system.